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Table inbox-entry#

Incoming activity


Field Description Type Null Key Default Extra
id sequential ID int unsigned NO PRI NULL auto_increment
activity-id id of the incoming activity varbinary(255) YES NULL
object-id varbinary(255) YES NULL
in-reply-to-id varbinary(255) YES NULL
conversation varbinary(255) YES NULL
type Type of the activity varchar(64) YES NULL
object-type Type of the object activity varchar(64) YES NULL
object-object-type Type of the object's object activity varchar(64) YES NULL
received Receiving date datetime YES NULL
activity The JSON activity mediumtext YES NULL
signer varchar(255) YES NULL
push Is the entry pushed or have pulled it? boolean YES NULL
trust Do we trust this entry? boolean YES NULL
wid Workerqueue id int unsigned YES NULL


Name Fields
activity-id UNIQUE, activity-id
object-id object-id
received received
wid wid

Foreign Keys#

Field Target Table Target Field
wid workerqueue id

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