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Mastodon API#


Friendica provides the following endpoints defined in the official Mastodon API reference.

Authentication is the same as described in Using the APIs.


Supported apps#

For supported apps please have a look at the FAQ

Unsupported apps#


  • Fedilab Automatically uses the legacy API, see issue: https://framagit.org/tom79/fedilab/-/issues/520
  • Mammut There are problems with the token request, see issue https://github.com/jamiesanson/Mammut/issues/19


  • Mast Doesn't accept the entered instance name. Claims that it is invalid (Message is: "Not a valid instance (maybe closed or dead)")
  • Toot!


These endpoints use the Mastodon API entities.

Implemented endpoints#

Currently unimplemented endpoints#

These endpoints are planned to be implemented somewhere in the future.

Dummy endpoints#

These endpoints are returning empty data to avoid error messages when using third party clients. They refer to features that don't exist in Friendica yet.

Non supportable endpoints#

These endpoints won't be implemented at the moment. They refer to features or data that don't exist in Friendica yet.