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Table user-contact#

User specific public contact data


Field Description Type Null Key Default Extra
cid Contact id of the linked public contact int unsigned NO PRI 0
uid User id mediumint unsigned NO PRI 0
uri-id Id of the item-uri table entry that contains the contact url int unsigned YES NULL
blocked Contact is completely blocked for this user boolean YES NULL
ignored Posts from this contact are ignored boolean YES NULL
collapsed Posts from this contact are collapsed boolean YES NULL
hidden This contact is hidden from the others boolean YES NULL
is-blocked User is blocked by this contact boolean YES NULL
pending boolean YES NULL
rel The kind of the relation between the user and the contact tinyint unsigned YES NULL
info mediumtext YES NULL
notify_new_posts boolean YES NULL
remote_self boolean YES NULL
fetch_further_information tinyint unsigned YES NULL
ffi_keyword_denylist text YES NULL
subhub boolean YES NULL
hub-verify varchar(255) YES NULL
protocol Protocol of the contact char(4) YES NULL
rating Automatically detected feed poll frequency tinyint YES NULL
priority Feed poll priority tinyint unsigned YES NULL


Name Fields
PRIMARY uid, cid
cid cid
uri-id_uid UNIQUE, uri-id, uid

Foreign Keys#

Field Target Table Target Field
cid contact id
uid user uid
uri-id item-uri id

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