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Table post-thread-user#

Thread related data per user


Field Description Type Null Key Default Extra
uri-id Id of the item-uri table entry that contains the item uri int unsigned NO PRI NULL
conversation-id Id of the item-uri table entry that contains the conversation uri int unsigned YES NULL
owner-id Item owner int unsigned NO 0
author-id Item author int unsigned NO 0
causer-id Link to the contact table with uid=0 of the contact that caused the item creation int unsigned YES NULL
network char(4) NO
created datetime NO 0001-01-01 00:00:00
received datetime NO 0001-01-01 00:00:00
changed Date that something in the conversation changed, indicating clients should fetch the conversation again datetime NO 0001-01-01 00:00:00
commented datetime NO 0001-01-01 00:00:00
uid Owner id which owns this copy of the item mediumint unsigned NO PRI 0
pinned deprecated boolean NO 0
starred boolean NO 0
ignored Ignore updates for this thread boolean NO 0
wall This item was posted to the wall of uid boolean NO 0
mention boolean NO 0
pubmail boolean NO 0
forum_mode Deprecated tinyint unsigned NO 0
contact-id contact.id int unsigned NO 0
unseen post has not been seen boolean NO 1
hidden Marker to hide the post from the user boolean NO 0
origin item originated at this site boolean NO 0
psid ID of the permission set of this post int unsigned YES NULL
post-user-id Id of the post-user table int unsigned YES NULL


Name Fields
PRIMARY uid, uri-id
uri-id uri-id
conversation-id conversation-id
owner-id owner-id
author-id author-id
causer-id causer-id
uid uid
contact-id contact-id
psid psid
post-user-id post-user-id
commented commented
uid_received uid, received
uid_wall_received uid, wall, received
uid_commented uid, commented
uid_starred uid, starred
uid_mention uid, mention

Foreign Keys#

Field Target Table Target Field
uri-id item-uri id
conversation-id item-uri id
owner-id contact id
author-id contact id
causer-id contact id
uid user uid
contact-id contact id
psid permissionset id
post-user-id post-user id

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