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Table post-history#

Post history


Field Description Type Null Key Default Extra
uri-id Id of the item-uri table entry that contains the item uri int unsigned NO PRI NULL
edited Date of edit datetime NO PRI 0001-01-01 00:00:00
title item title varchar(255) NO
content-warning varchar(255) NO
body item body content mediumtext YES NULL
raw-body Body without embedded media links mediumtext YES NULL
location text location where this item originated varchar(255) NO
coord longitude/latitude pair representing location where this item originated varchar(255) NO
language Language information about this post text YES NULL
app application which generated this item varchar(255) NO
rendered-hash varchar(32) NO
rendered-html item.body converted to html mediumtext YES NULL
object-type ActivityStreams object type varchar(100) NO
object JSON encoded object structure unless it is an implied object (normal post) text YES NULL
target-type ActivityStreams target type if applicable (URI) varchar(100) NO
target JSON encoded target structure if used text YES NULL
resource-id Used to link other tables to items, it identifies the linked resource (e.g. photo) and if set must also set resource_type varchar(32) NO
plink permalink or URL to a displayable copy of the message at its source varchar(255) NO


Name Fields
PRIMARY uri-id, edited

Foreign Keys#

Field Target Table Target Field
uri-id item-uri id

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