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Twitter API#


Friendica provides the following endpoints defined in the official Twitter API reference.

Authentication is the same as described in Using the APIs.


These endpoints use the Friendica API entities.

Different behaviour#

  • screen_name: The nickname in Friendica is only unique in each network but not for all networks. The users are searched in the following priority: Friendica, StatusNet/GNU Social, Diaspora, pump.io, Twitter. If no contact was found by this way, then the first contact is taken.
  • include_entities: Default is "false". If set to "true" then the plain text is formatted so that links are having descriptions.

Friendica-specific return values#

  • cid: Contact id of the user (important for "contact_allow" and "contact_deny")
  • network: network of the user

Unsupported parameters#

  • cursor
  • trim_user
  • contributor_details
  • place_id
  • display_coordinates
  • include_rts: To-Do
  • include_my_retweet: Retweets in Friendica are implemented in a different way

Implemented endpoints#

Non-implemented endpoints#